Make Your Travel Plans for the 2013 The Oregons Adventure Coast RV Jamboree in July

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Panoramic View of the Mill Casino RV Park!

The spectacular weather on the Oregon Coast this week reminds us that summer is just around the corner.   July will be here before know it, and it will soon be time to pack your bags, gas up, charge up that GPS, check your tires, and drive out for one of the biggest RV events on the Oregon Coast: Oregon Coast RV Jamboree July 15, 2013 – July 18, 2013 sponsored by Guaranty RV Super Centers.

This event has something for everyone: a Show and Shine, Poker Run, excursions to a working forest or Shore Acres State Park, movie night, a campfirestyle sing-along, even a Pooch Paparazzi Photo Contest — plus one lucky guest will win $1,000!

Need to escape? Come to “Rally Central” this summer and experience four winning days of fun and friendship on the shores of Coos Bay at The Mill Casino.

Your four-day RV Jamboree Package includes:

• Welcome Reception / Dinner Buffet
• Commemorative Mill Casino gift
• RV Show and Shine entry
• Salmon Bake Dinner
• Boxed-lunch excursions:Forest or Shore Acres State Park
• Send-off breakfast, $1,000 door prize for one lucky guest

All for just $100 per person, plus RV space rental of $25 per night.

Download the 2013 Brochure for complete information including the schedule of events. To purchase RV Jamboree tickets by phone and to reserve your RV Space: Contact Reservations at 800.953.4800 ext. 3 or visit Ko·Kwel Gifts. Ask for the RV Jamboree Special rate of $25 for your RV rental space!

FMCA 2012 Northwest Rally at The Mill Casino was a Great Success!

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It was two years in the making, but the Family Motor Coach Association’s 2012 Northwest Rally proved to be a great success for the national organization and The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park as well as the Oregon communities of North Bend, Coos Bay and Charleston.

With many of its members arriving early and staying for nearly a week, the FMCA rally attracted over 1,200 participants in 497 family coaches, making it the association’s largest rally in the last five years. Another 40 vendor coaches and 60 show coaches made The Mill’s bayside property a focal point for motor coach enthusiasts.

“Everybody had a really good time,” said Andy Balogh, National Vice President of the Northwest Area FMCA, “everything went great. The staff was attentive and the facility is great. Usually, the first time [at a new facility] it doesn’t run well.”

It was a weekend of firsts for the Association and The Mill Casino. It was the first time The Mill hosted an RV event of this size, and it was the first time that the FMCA held its Northwest Rally on the coast. Any doubts about the location were quickly erased.

“I would book here again,” Balogh said. “It’s a good draw and a good location. We usually try to stay close to I-5, but I don’t know of anybody who complained about the drive here. If people come here once, they will remember and they will come back.”

Rally participants also took advantage of the area’s coastal attractions and offerings. Area businesses and restaurants had noticeable increases in customers throughout the event period. Balogh noted that he received many comments from rally participants about how well they were treated by area residents. “It’s a breath of fresh air when people want you to be there,” he said.

The end of the event brought talk of the “next time” and what adjustments could be made to make the event even better.

“In the future,” Balogh said, “we can tell our people that we can go here because we like the facility and the staff knows what they are doing. They make it a great experience for our members.”

Here are some of our photos from the event:

The Mill Casino RV Park Hosting 3 Major RV Summer Events!

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Summer is here, time to hit the road! After a long and unusually chilly winter, RVers are eager to get out and explore the Oregon Coast! Fortunately for you, there is no shortage of RV activity happening this year.

We are kicking off RV season this week with the  Northwest Area Rally of the Family Motor Coach Association June 21, 2012 – June 24, 2012. The event features

  • 5 Nights Camping
  • Seminars & Exhibits
  • Display Coaches
  • Food & Entertainment
  • Shore Excursions
  • Games, Prizes Slot Tournament and more!

This will be the first time the national organization will hold its Northwest Rally on Oregon’s South Coast and we can’t wait!  Click here to download the Registration Form.

Let The Good Times Roll RV Rally

Next up: Let The Good Times Roll RV Rally June 25, 2012 – June 28, 2012
Escape to the Oregon Coast and experience four winning days of fun and friendship plus an oyster feed.  Your four-day Package includes:

• Welcome Reception Dinner
• RV Show and Shine
• Oyster Boat Excursion
• Oyster Feed
• Poker Run for prizes
• Historical Presentation
• Golf Trip (optional)
• Pooch Paparazzi photo contest
• Ladies Red Hat Luncheon (optional)
• Barbecue Dinner
• Send-off breakfast & more

To purchase Package tickets:
Contact The Wagon Masters, Ignacio & Tillie Curiel at 707-763-9528 for tickets and to reserve your space. The Curiels are members of FMCA #288189, FCOC #288189, ACA #9108 and
Lifetime members of Good Sam Club.

Oregon's Adventure Coast RV Jamboree

And finally, we are bringing back the annual Oregon’s Adventure Coast RV Jamboree July 16, 2012 – July 19, 2012
This RV Jamboree offers something for everyone including a Show and Shine, Poker Run, an oyster boat excursion and Shore Acres State Park, live entertainment, and even a Pooch Paparazzi Family Photo Contest, and more.

Your four-day RV Jamboree Package includes:
• Welcome Reception and Dinner Buffet
• A commemorative T-Shirt
• RV Show and Shine
• Oyster Dinner
• An oyster boat excursion and visit to Shore Acres State Park
• Send-off breakfast & prize-filled Poker Run
• Live entertainment performed by Coup d’Bop

Click here for a schedule of events.

The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park hosts annual Northwest Area Rally of the Family Motor Coach Association in June

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An expected 1,000 visitors and their RVs will be rolling into town beginning June 19 as The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park hosts the annual Northwest Area Rally of the Family Motor Coach Association.  The event features

  • 5 Nights Camping
  • Seminars & Exhibits
  • Display Coaches
  • Food & Entertainment
  • Shore Excursions
  • Games, Prizes Slot Tournament and more!

This will be the first time the national organization will hold its Northwest Rally on Oregon’s South Coast. The event is scheduled for June 21-24, but organizers say that their members customarily arrive two days early. Although the event is open to FMCA members only, a vendor show and display of RV coaches is open to the public.

“To be a member of the FMCA is to be someone who loves to travel and to visit new and interesting locations,” said Larry Close, general manager of The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park. “Hosting this event is a great opportunity for The Mill, but it is an even greater opportunity to present all of the attractions of our communities to visitors from throughout the Pacific Northwest who definitely love to travel.”

The Mill has planned a variety of activities for rally participants including a poker run to shops and local venues in North Bend and Coos Bay. Tours of local attractions will be available to give visitors a taste of what the region has to offer.

Rally participants will be encouraged to visit area restaurants for one evening’s meal. A second evening will have members of the Coquille Indian Tribe demonstrating native cooking techniques and discussing Tribal culture at a traditional salmon bake.

Click here to download the Registration Form.

About the Family Motor Coach Association: The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is an international organization for families who own and enjoy the recreational use of motor homes. With approximately 85,000 active member families, FMCA is the world’s largest motor home owners group.

Maintaining Your RV – Tips to Keep Your Motor Home Running Smoothly

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By Andrew Stratton

Recreational vehicles provide much joy and entertainment to their owners. But to keep the fun going and their RV running smoothly, owners need to take the proper steps to maintain it.

RVs require a good amount of attention and a little extra maintenance. After all, caring for an RV is like maintaining both a motor vehicle as well as a home. But following a simple up keep routine after the end of each adventure will keep your motor home looking nice, feeling comfortable, and running fluently for your future excursions.

The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere because your battery died or because your engine overheated. To prevent this from happening make sure you take care of the engine and drive train of your motor home just as you would your favorite car.

Change the oil regularly, refill all fluids, keep the battery from corroding, and check the tire pressure. Remember that recreational vehicles are generally used for long road trip and rack up a lot more miles than the average car used daily, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself changing the oil or doing other routine procedures much more often.

As far as the home part of the motor home is concerned, one of the most common problems that occur is moisture buildup. Moisture buildup resulting from shower and kitchen stove use causes staining and mildew issues. This can be avoided by always opening the roof vent and using the bathroom fan when showering.

It may be helpful to close all other doors, windows, and vents while showering to ensure that the moisture flows out of the roof vent. Also, avoid cooking or boiling water on the stove, especially in cold weather. Opt to use your microwave instead. If you must boil water on the stove, make sure the roof vent is open and possibly some other windows as well.

Like your permanent home, drains will get clogged and need to be clean out. The trap of the bathroom sink will need to be detached and cleaned out manually every other month while the shower drain can be blasted clean using the high pressure mode of your basic garden hose. Before storing your motor home away for the winter all water lines must be drained. If lines are not drained before storage and temperatures drop low enough, the remaining water may freeze, expand, and possibly burst the pipes or water lines.

If this happens repairs or replacements may be pricey, so it is more cost efficient to take preventative measures. Draining the water lines before winter includes disconnecting the ice maker and water feed lines, draining and flushing the hot water heater, and flushing the entire system with RV specific antifreeze.

Also, before storage remember to unplug all appliances and disconnect all batteries. This is important because some devices continue to use energy even when switched to the off mode. You will want all battery to be well charged so that you can take off on your next adventure without delays. Many people also cover their RVs in storage with tarps to protect it from ice and water damage. This will keep your motor home looking clean and new.

Probably one of the easiest and most important steps you can take to maintain your recreational vehicle is to give it a good cleaning after each trip. Make sure you leave no food that will spoil or attract rodents or bugs. Also remove all cans of liquid that might expand and explode with freezing temperatures. Cleaning the RV inside and out after every trip will help you get on your way in comfort the next time you want to travel.

Your motor home can provide you many happy years of outdoor fun and adventure as long as you take the time to keep it in shape.

More Info: When you need RV accessories visit to upgrade or maintain your motor home and access the free catalog. Article Source:

Countdown to Oregon’s Adventure Coast RV Jamboree: June 8-11, 2011!

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The 2011 Oregon’s Adventure Coast RV Jamboree is just around the corner!  So pack your bags, gas up, check your tires, and drive on out for one of the biggest RV events on the Oregon Coast!  This RV Jamboree has something for everyone: a Show and Shine, Traditional Salmon Bake Dinner, Poker Run, an excursion to Misty Meadows Jams and the West Coast Game Park, live entertainment, and even a Pooch Paparazzi Family Photo Contest and more.

Tickets are on sale at KoKwel Gifts. Call 800.953.4800 For complete information including the schedule of events.  To kick off our countdown, Here are some Summer time RV tips to remember from Mark J. Polk, owner of RV Education 101.

RV Tips – Keeping Your Camper Cool
Summer is here and for RVers that not only means prime travel season is upon us, but so is the heat. If you ever walked inside an RV that is sitting in the direct sunlight on a hot summer day you know what I mean. Fortunately there are some things we can do to make our summer RV camping trips more pleasurable.

  • Strategically park your RV to take advantage of any shade that is available, especially on the side where the refrigerator vent is located. Don’t be afraid to ask for a shady site when you check in at the campground. This will not only help cool the RV down, but your refrigerator and roof A/C will work much more efficiently.
  • You can also improve your air conditioners efficiency by keeping the A/C filters clean. In most cases you can wash the filters in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and allow them to dry before reinstalling. Another option is to clean the filters with a small hand held vacuum cleaner. I recommend you keep a new set on hand in the event the old filters have seen better days.
  • Use your main awning and any window awnings to assist in cooling the RV down. In addition to the awnings use your window blinds or drapes to help keep the sun out and the cooler air in.
  • Campground voltage can fluctuate, especially during the summer months when campers are running their A/C, placing a higher demand on campground electricity. You should monitor the voltage coming in to your RV with a digital voltmeter. If voltage drops below 105-volts or goes above 130-volts turn your appliances and electronic equipment off until proper voltage is restored.
  • Install a thermostatically controlled refrigerator vent fan at the back of the refrigerator, or at the top of the roof vent, to assist with drafting the hot air away from the refrigerator. If you are mechanically inclined these fans are fairly easy to install, or you can have your RV dealer install one for you. Either way it’s worth it. The fan removes the heat built up behind the refrigerator improving the refrigerators performance by up to 40%.
  • Another ingredient to keeping your RV cool is proper ventilation. Proper ventilation helps prevent excess heat from building up in your RV. You can install Maxx Air vent covers over the roof vents to allow for ventilation. They are inexpensive, easy to install and they let the fresh air in, even when it’s raining, while the stale, musty air, smoke, cooking odors and heat escapes. I use a vent cover on each end of our RV to promote cross ventilation.
  • To help keep the inside of the RV cool try to avoid opening the door as much as possible and cook outside rather than inside whenever possible.
  • Take a couple of small fans with you to help circulate the air. If for some reason you can’t run the A/C you’ll be glad you have them.
  • If all else fails head to the campground pool and cool off.

Happy Camping!
Article Source:
Copyright 2006 by Mark J. Polk, owner of RV Education 101

RV Expert Mark Polk, seen on TV, is the producer & host of America’s most highly regarded series of DVD’s, videos, books, and e-books. Sign up for your free “RV Education 101″ Newsletter.  Mark Polk is a retired U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer Three, specializing in wheeled and track vehicle fleet maintenance operations. Polk owns and operates RV Education 101, (based in North Carolina) since 1999, and also has an extensive RV background working in RV service, sales and management. Polk has a degree in Industrial Management Technology with 30 plus years of experience in maintenance includes working as an RV technician, a wheeled vehicle and power generation mechanic, an automotive maintenance technician, Battalion and Brigade level Maintenance Officer, an RV sales manager and also in the RV financing department as the Finance & Insurance manager.

Tickets on Sale for The Oregon’s Adventure Coast RV Jamboree June 8, 2011 – June 11, 2011

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Did you hear? It’s back! Tickets are now on sale for the Oregon’s Adventure Coast RV Jamboree June 8, 2011 – June 11, 2011 at The Mill Casino!

This event has become an annual favorite and offers 4 days of fun and friendship on the shores of Coos Bay.   The RV Jamboree offers something for everyone including a Show and Shine, Poker Run, an excursion to Misty Meadows Jams and the West Coast Game Park, live entertainment, and even a Pooch Paparazzi Family Photo Contest (check out photos from previous Jamborees)!

Your three-day RV Jamboree Package includes:
• Welcome Reception and Dinner Buffet
• A commemorative T-Shirt
• RV Show and Shine
• Traditional Salmon Bake Dinner
• An excursion to Misty Meadows Jams and The West Coast Game Park
• Send-off breakfast & prize-filled Poker Run
• Live entertainment performed by 50s Doo Wop band the Young Bucs

Click Here for complete information or call toll-free / 800.953.4800.

About the Mill Casino RV Park
Set in a tranquil, park-like waterfront location along the Oregon Coast, The Mill RV Park offers 102 level sites, including 65 slanted 68-foot pull-throughs, with full hookups and cable TV. It’s the perfect way to enjoy The Mill Casino and all that Coos Bay, North Bend and the Oregon Coast have to offer from the comfort of your home away from home.

Additional amenities include:
Showers and convenient on-site laundry
Complimentary internet access
A convenience store
Access to fitness room
Outdoor hot tubs and indoor pool
FREE shuttle that keeps you connected to The Mill’s gaming and dining offerings
Pet friendly, Good Sam and AAA discounts
FREE Casino Fun Book just for signing up for the Millionaire$ Club, 15% discounts per night for Millionaire$ Club members
Check-In: 3:00 pm, Check-Out: Noon.

Plan an Oregon Coast Spring Getaway!

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View from the Mill Casino Board Walk

Spring is almost here! Time to plan an Oregon Coast getaway! Our location on the waterfront in North Bend, Oregon, makes us an ideal base location for exploring the North Bend/Coos Bay area including Oregon Dunes, Shore Acres State Park and activities such as fishing, crabbing, clamming, whale watching, boating, golfing and strolling along the boardwalk.

And if that is not reason enough, you will love the entertainment and events happening this Spring at The Mill!   Here is a  preview of what we have in store for our guests!

Quick Links for Info:

Mill Casino Box Office (Tickets are sold at KoKwel Gifts located at The Mill Casino. 800.953.4800 or 541.756.8800)
Warehouse 101
Millionaire$ Club

Weekly Comedy Night every Wednesday
Take a mid-week break and enjoy some laughs with live stand up at Warehouse 101. Talented comedians are featured every Wednesday night. Two FREE hilarious shows start at 7 pm and 9 pm.

Weekly Live Music at Warehouse 101 every Friday & Saturday night
That’s right, get your groove on and dance the night away to live music each night or stop in for a cool drink, great food and conversation.


March Madness at Warehouse 101
Love college basketball and need the perfect place to catch the big game? Our popular nightspot, Warehouse 101 has seven giant plasma screen TVs for you to enjoy- along with a great menu and over 30 microbrews on tap.

2,000 points Jacket March 1 – 7, 2011
Earn 2,000 slot points between March 1 – 7 and get a stylish Mill Casino jacket while supplies last. Play using your Millionaire$ Club card. Visit the Millionaire$ Club for sign up details.

Mardi Gras Beads March 8
Celebrate Fat Tuesday with us from 9 am – 9 pm with free Mardi Gras beads (while supplies last). Spin Sawmill Sam for up to 1500 bonus points. Play with your Millionaire$ Club card!

St. Patrick’s Day Slot Tournament Thursday, March 17, 2011
Win your share of $4,000 on St. Patrick’s Day from 11 am – 2 pm; 4 pm – 7 pm. Two FREE $2,000 guaranteed slot tournaments Top 5 in each tournament score cash!

Lucky Loot Sunday, March 20, 2011
You could win up to $500,000! Play slots and table games March 9-20 to earn entries. Ten people play for a chance to win $50K each! Ten more take home Lucky Loot. All 20 winners will share in a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool.
Click here to download a coupon worth 5 FREE entries valid March 9-11, 2011 Play using your Millionaire$ Club card

Double Points*
Play slots using your Millionaire$ Club card and earn Double Points for all your slot play Monday-Wednesday mornings, March 28-30, 6 am-11 am *Bonus points do not apply toward any points-based promotion.


Cribbage Classic Tournament April 1, 2011 – April 3, 2011
Presented by the GR Club #62, Roseburg & The Mill Casino . $1,000 Added by The Mill Cash paybacks for all tournaments will be 95% PLUS trophies  For complete information including entry fees, tournament schedules, etc. contact Larry or Donna Hassett 541-672-1474 or email at

Bite of the Bay April 5, 2011
Tickets are now on sale at KoKwel Gifts for this annual fundraising event to benefit the Pacific Cove Humane Society. An extravaganza of earthly delights awaits you- Generous samples of gourmet cuisine from South Coast restaurants, delicious wines from Oregon wineries, and good company galore. Bite bounty also includes silent and live auctions, and the music of Timberwolf to shake it up. Please call the Pacific Cove Humane Societyf or more information, 541-269-2765.

$8,000 Raining Riches April 8-11, 2011
Each of the 4 days, earning 100 points gets you entered to win $100 in random drawings. Play slots using your Millionaire$ Club card.

Quick Fire Challenge April 10, 2011
Presented by The Mill Casino 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm in the Salmon Room. Fundraiser to benefit Three Coos County High School
Culinary Programs and OCCI Junior Culinary Olympic Team. 6 Culinary Teams Competing! 2 students from each high school
For more information contact: Chef Dan Catanio 756-8800 ext. 2286 or Chef Shawn Hanlin at OCCI 888-1546

$10,700 Invitational Slot Tournament April 15-17, 2011
You could win a $5,000 grand prize!

Bunny Bucks! Sunday, April 24, 11 am– 6 pm
Win a share of $1,100 on Easter Sunday! Play your favorite table games and slots with your Millionaire$ Club card and if you’re randomly selected, our roving “Bucks Bunny” will reward you with a lucky egg filled with up to $100 in cash or 5,000 bonus points!

$75,000 Winners Party April 25, 2011
$7,500 guaranteed cash giveaway, free food, door prizes and more! If you’re a member of the Millionaire$ Club and you win a hand-paid slot jackpot or qualifying table games win, redeem your jackpot voucher for bonus points and an invitation for you and a guest!

Looking Ahead

Taylor Hicks Live in Concert May 27, 2011
7 pm & 9 pm in the Salmon Room
Tickets on sale at KoKwel Gifts
$25 general admission
$19.50 Millionaire$ Club members

Oregon’s Adventure Coast RV Jamboree June 8, 2011 – June 11, 2011
Featuring a Show and Shine, Poker Run, an excursion to Misty Meadows Jams and the West Coast Game Park, live entertainment, and even a Pooch Paparazzi Family Photo Contest, this RV Jamboree offers something for everyone.
Tickets on sale at KoKwel Gifts

Ride The Oregon Coast Lighthouse Run June 24, 2011 – June 25, 2011
Special lodging and RV rates for participants! Features Prizes, Show-n-Shine, Entertainment Featuring Ty Curtis Band, Comedy Night, Dinner and more! Click here for complete details. To register, or for more information: call 541-266-7051

RV Adventure & Travel Packing Tips

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The Mill Casino RV Park on The Oregon Coast is a Popular Spot for RVers

There is no better place than the Oregon Coast for outdoor lovers and RV enthusiasts!   People drive from all over the country to take in the beautiful beaches, scenery, hiking, sand dunes and more.

Rving is the perfect way to enjoy The Mill Casino and all that Coos Bay, North Bend and the Oregon Coast have to offer from the comfort of your home away from home.

To get the most out of your next RVing adventure, follow these great packing tips!

Packing for RV Living

By Marc Neveux

When you live in a house, you usually have plenty of room for your things, but when you spend most of your time living in an RV, you obviously cannot have everything that you would have in your home. RV living is a lot of fun, but it is important to remember that you really have to downsize, and only bring along the things you need. Of course, you can still have plenty of your favorite creature comforts, but you just need to make sure that you do not go overboard and bring so many things that there is no room left for yourself and your significant other.

Unlike in years past, today’s RVs make it really easy to live comfortably, because they are so large and roomy. There are even RVs that expand to allow for a second floor and even more living space. Of course, these are the top of the line models that not everyone can afford. If you can afford one of these RVs, go for it, because you may just as well be living in a house you have so much space. But even if you cannot afford one, there are still plenty of RVs that have plenty of living space for a couple of people.

What To Bring Along

If you want to be a full time RV’er, then you need to know what to bring along and what to leave behind. Of course, you will want to have plenty of clothing, including something dressy for those nights that you decide to park the RV and go out on the town. Where you plan on traveling is going to be very important when it comes to packing clothing for a few months. If you plan on traveling across North America, and are going to be on the road for many months, then you will want to make sure that you have clothing for all seasons. Believe it or not, you can pack plenty of clothing in the closets on most RVs, and there are other storage areas where you can put clothing that does not need to be hung.

In addition to clothing, there are many other things you need to live the same way you would at home, including:

A small steam iron – You will more than likely need to iron clothing at one point or another, and it may be awkward to set up your ironing board in an RV. Instead, a steam iron works just as well, and you can iron things while they are still hanging.
Personal items – In case you are going to be in areas where you can’t get certain items, it is a good idea to stock up on some of your favorite toiletries, such as shampoo, lotions and other items.
Books and other fun stuff – There are going to be times when you can’t go anywhere due to bad weather, and obviously, you won’t be able to go outside, so make sure that you have plenty of things to do indoors, including books to read, board games, puzzle books and more.

These are just a few of the things that you will need to take along when you are a full time RV’er. Basically, bring the things you would use in your everyday life, just on a much smaller scale.

About the Author: Marc Neveux is an outdoor enthusiast and Full Time RVer. Visit his web site Fulltime RVing to learn how you too can start enjoying the good life full-time RVing.

Article Source:

Tips for Enjoying Winter in Your RV on the Oregon Coast!!

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The Oregon Coast offers visitors majestic views and lots to do throughout the year, and the Winter season is no exception. For RV enthusiasts, this is a magical time to come. With tranquil views of the water as a backdrop, our RV Park is an ideal spot to experience the rustic beauty of the Oregon Coast in the Winter time.  And if you need to get out, you are just steps away from casino games, entertainment and great restaurants!  Here are some tips from The Mill Casino RV Park staff to make your winter RV experience a comfortable one!

1. Check Road Conditions. When planning a trip to the coast during the cold/rainy season, always keep up on the road conditions between your starting place and your destination. The Oregon Department of Transportation provides helpful information and is a great resource to check before heading on your adventure.  Their toll-free number 1-800-977-6368.

2. Take special care of your water lines. When reaching your destination, be aware of possible freezing temperatures and wrap water lines with insulation to prevent them from freezing. Also, if you know you are going to be leaving your RV in a park site for more than 12 hours, it’s a good rule of thumb to disconnect your water lines, emptying the lines in the process so they will be clear and ready to use when you return.

3. Contact the RV park prior to departure. The Mill Casino RV Park is a full service RV Park that is open year round so when planning your trip, always check ahead to see that your destination is available during the dates of your journey. Some RV facilities such as county and state parks can close during the winter months so calling ahead or accessing websites for information is advisable.

4. Watch weather conditions closely. The South Coast is a wonderful place to RV in the winter as the storms make for spectacular wave watching and will sometimes cause shipwrecks and other interesting finds to be uncovered along the beaches. Always use caution on the beach – it’s beautiful but can be dangerous under some weather conditions.

5. Prepare for Ice. When travelling in an RV on the South Coast, it’s always prudent to have a good de-icer solution handy for windshields; fresh water, grey water and black water fixtures as ice can build up quickly depending on weather conditions. Preparedness is always good when travelling in the winter months.

6.  Stick to the Roads More Traveled. When traveling in the winter months to the Oregon Coast it is always best to stay on well traveled roads and highways, you should never take mountain passes that you are unfamiliar with as these roads can be treacherous.

7.  Go Crabbing! There are a lot of fun out door things to do on the Oregon Coast during the winter months, crabbing season is great between December and February so you might want to pack your crab ring if you have one.  You can always check with some of our local tackle and marine supplies stores who can rent one to you and help guide you.  Check  Oregon’s Adventure Coast for more tips and resources.

8.  Walk along the beach. You never know what treasures you may find on an Oregon Coast beach following a winter storm; just remember to pack a lot of warm clothing as it does get very wet and windy here!

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