View of The Mill Casino from Coos Bay, OR

The Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park

View of Coos Bay, OR from The Mill Casino

The Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park

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About the Area

Golden and Silver Falls

Come experience the rustic beauty of one of Oregon’s awe-inspiring hidden gems. The journey begins as you travel 20 miles along the impressive Coos River, where a keen-eyed observer can spot the Chinook Salmon jumping. Upon arrival at Golden and Silver Falls it feels as if you are among the first people to discover the breathtaking wonder. The parking lot though small, is never over run and well maintained. As you ascend the short 1.4-mile hike to view the majestic beauty of not one, but two waterfalls, make sure to slow down and enjoy that fresh mountain air.  While you stand gazing up at the 223-foot Silver Falls, you will become so engulfed in the beauty you almost forget the four miles of gravel road traveled to revel in the sight. Don’t stop there, continue on the trek and drink in the view from above the second breathtaking waterfall. Golden Falls measures in at an astounding 254 feet, securing a nod as one of the tallest waterfalls in Western Oregon.  This destination an Oregon Coast must see!

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About The Mill

We are delighted to serve our guests with comfortable accommodations, warm hospitality, exciting entertainment, and the unparalleled beauty of the Southern Oregon Coast. Visit us and see why we’re so proud to call this place home.