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May 3
Festival of Sail
It’s a rare chance to catch a glimpse, step aboard, and even set sail on some of the grandest ships of yore. The Mill Casino will be the only Oregon port that will host the historic ships. Festival of Sail 20 ...Read More

April 28
Hiking Hub
Three best trails near The Mill Casino, on Coos Bay, Oregon Even though there’s plenty to keep you entertained and occupied at The Mill Casino, it’s nice to take a fresh-air break on occasion. Taking a w ...Read More

March 10
Out of Season, but Never Out of Style
Don’t miss out on shoulder-season fun at The Mill Casino on Coos Bay, Oregon By Adam Sawyer There is a school of thought, even among some native Northwesterners, that there’s no real reason to visit the ...Read More

February 24
Favorite Hiking Trails
It’s a popular question we get asked a lot, and a tough one to get a straight answer about… So without knowing a lot about you, we’re going to go out on a limb and just tell you our favorites. Strap on yo ...Read More

February 7
Top 7 Reasons to Visit Oregon’s Adventure Coast
“Most Oregonians have never visited the southern coast,” says Katherine Hoppe, Tourism and Content Manager at The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park on Coos Bay along the coast. “It’s too bad, because ther ...Read More

December 15
Sights of the Season
If travel is a state of mind, Oregon sure makes you think, how can one state offer such varied scenery and recreation? Even for the seasoned traveler, there’s endless supply of secret places ripe for explo ...Read More

November 7
Storm Watching, Whale Watching and Holiday Lights
Oregon’s best kept secret in the winter is its southern coastline. “People are surprised by how stunningly beautiful our beaches are,” says Katherine Hoppe, Tourism & Content Manager at The Mill Casino ...Read More