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An Introduction to Sports Betting

Any sports fan has probably heard of sports betting. It’s a great way to become part of the action on game day, but if you’re new to the idea, placing that first bet might be a confusing prospect. The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park is the first location in Southern Oregon to offer sports betting, and we consider ourselves experts in this area. Here’s our beginner’s guide to sports betting to help you get started when you visit our casino on Coos Bay, OR.

What’s the Draw?

If you’re new to the world of sports betting, you may be wondering why it’s so popular. Millions of Americans are fans of at least one sport, whether it’s baseball or football or auto racing. By betting on their favorite players or teams, those people can take part in the exciting action on game day. If their team wins, so do they, and they can walk away from victory with more than just pride.

Sports betting is also very approachable. You don’t need extensive background knowledge to have a chance of winning some money. While an understanding of the sport and statistical analysis might add to the fun, they’re not required. You can simply place a bet, watch the game, and try your luck in the company of fellow sports fans.

Please add info about in Oregon, betting on college sports cannot be done on-line, so The Mill Casino is a great option.

Types of Sports Bets

There are a few different kinds of sports bets that differentiate by how the winner is decided. Here’s a brief overview:


This is the simplest bet type. Each team is assigned odds, which are numerical representations of their chances of winning. The underdog has higher odds, with the favorite having lower odds. Your winnings are based on those odds. If you bet $100 on a team with 1.80 odds, for instance, your payout will be $180.


Before the game, teams are assigned a point spread, a predetermined margin of points that the team you’re betting on must win by. If the point spread is seven and a half, for instance, then bets on the favorite will pay out if your team wins by eight points.


A parlay bet is a single wager that includes multiple teams. For example, if you make a parlay on five different teams, you get your payout if all five teams win. However, you lose if any one of your teams loses. Luckily, the payout is proportionally huge to the risk. There are also a few subtypes, including:

  • In return for a reduced payout, teasers skew the point spread in your favor; payoff odds change with each teaser amount.
  • Round robins break the parlay into several smaller combinations that are easier to win.

Where to Bet on Sports on the Oregon Coast

Many sports betting venues are online. While this method is convenient, it lacks much excitement. Instead of participating online, search for casinos that offer sports betting, like The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park. You can place your wager, enjoy a hot meal, and watch the game alongside other fans. We have several kiosks on our casino floor, as well as Warehouse 101, a sports bar and nightclub with 18 TV screens, delicious wings, and a broad selection of local brews. Visit us in Coos Bay, OR, or contact us today to learn more.