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Brian Zappettini - Player Development Manager

Brian Zappettini – Player Development Manager

Hi, my name is Brian Zappettini. I have been in the Entertainment business for over 30 years and have been involved in some form of entertainment most of my life. I have worked as a preforming magician, on air radio personality, and a whole lot more. I have worked for casino properties for over 20 years, for both big and small tribal owned, and corporate owned properties. When I’m not working I like building and repairing computers, doing voice-overs for radio and TV, or just enjoying this beautiful Oregon Coast.

I really enjoy creating entertainment, whether it’s casino promotions, events or just helping guests have some fun. When a guest has such an amazing time that they can’t wait to tell their friends and family; that’s the best feeling ever. My goal is to make someone’s day every day.

When you are ready to have an outstanding experience, I’m happy to help. Feel free to email or give me a call. My email address is: Toll Free Phone: 800-953-4800 ext. 1272

S Aday Web

Sharon Aday

Hi, my name is Sharon Aday. I started in the casino business back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, when free play and food comps had a whole different meaning. I’ve seen many changes here at The Mill Casino over the years. The experiences that we can offer our players are second to none.

Over the years, I have met many people and made numerous friends. I really enjoy making sure that our guests have a great time every time they are here. My players have become like family, yet somehow I haven’t been adopted yet!

When I am not working, I am spending time with my family and trying to keep up with my grandchildren and four dogs. I’ve lived in Oregon most of my life, like everyone else (I escaped California as a child).

If you’re a player and interested in learning about our property, events, or getting exceptional service, please contact me. Stop in and say hi. Let’s chat over a cup of coffee.

My email address is Toll-Free Phone: 800-953-4800 ext. 1242 or cell phone: 541-297-3039.

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Jamie Herskind

Hello! My name is Jamie Herskind, otherwise known as your friendly neighborhood Casino Host.

I was originally born in San Diego, where three short years later, I relocated to Oklahoma and eventually learned and mastered the art of Xerox for 16 years! I then ventured my way to Oregon in 2019, where I’m not only currently, but lastly placing my roots; surrounded by all the breathtaking sites that the Oregon Coast has to offer.

My mission is to make sure you have the time of your life every time you step into our casino. From participating in the planning of exciting events to delivering my utmost outstanding service, I’m here to help you create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones to share.

When I’m not too busy making magic happen on the casino floor, you can find me cherishing moments with my little family and embarking on thrilling adventures that the coast has to offer.

Get ready to join me for a VIP-like experience here at The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park. Feel free to stop in and stay a while. You can always connect with me at:

Jamie Herskind

I’d love to chat and share a smile!