Overlooking The Mill Casino exterior and bay

Local Tips

An Introduction to Sports Betting

Any sports fan has probably heard of sports betting. It’s a great way to become part of the action on game day, but if you’re new to the idea, placing that first bet might be a confusing prospect. The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park is the first location in Southern Oregon to offer sports betting, and we consider ourselves experts in this area. Here’s our beginner’s guide to sports betting to help you get started when you visit our casino on Coos Bay, OR.

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The History Surrounding The Mill-Luck Salmon Celebration

For the past 16 years, our Annual Mill-Luck Salmon Celebration has been a celebration of Oregon Coastal Tribes and Coquille Tribal Culture. Past events have included canoe races, crafts and […]

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Enjoying Your Bay View Through the Seasons

The Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston area offers some of the most thrilling and majestic sights you’ll ever see – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. There’s something to enjoy every season. One of the best ways to take in the beautiful area is by staying at The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park where we offer bay view accommodations that let you look out on the water. We’re one of the few Oregon Bay hotels that stay open year-round so you can enjoy the area no matter the season.

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The Mill Casino Hours & Safety Updates

We at The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park share your concerns over this public health issue. That is why we are doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of our guests and employees throughout the property. While we continue to operate as usual, our team members are taking extra steps to ensure that our guests enjoy a clean and healthy environment. Meanwhile, we will continue to rely on updated information from federal, state and tribal resources and follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to adjust our policies as needed.

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A Summarized History on the Coos Bay Egyptian Theatre

Travel down Broadway in Coos Bay, and you’ll see a marquee that would fit right in on the street of the same name in New York City. This majestic light display marks the spot of the Egyptian Theatre, one of the most interesting and historical places in town. The theater has had a long and rich existence, much of which has been preserved and is celebrated to this day. Learn more about the Coos Bay Egyptian Theatre before your next trip to The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park – you’re sure to want to make a visit.  

Early Beginnings

The Egyptian Theatre first opened its doors in November of 1925, but the building in which it is housed was constructed three years earlier as the Motor Inn Garage and Service Station. However, after building restrictions relaxed following World War I, the structure was converted into a theater. The Egyptian motif was part of a movement inspired by the discovery of King Tut’s tomb and the excavation of the Great Hall of Karnak happening around the same time.

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Enjoying a Game of Craps

Few scenes at a casino are more exciting than the craps table. It’s common to see bystanders gathered around, cheering as the shooter hurls dice down the length of the board. Craps is one of the most fast-paced games available, and also one with a high potential for big winnings. The game’s lingo and traditions can be a little intimidating at first, but don’t let that stop you – craps games are one of the best reasons to visit casinos. If you’d like to try it out, The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park offers a quick intro to help you get started.

Craps Basics

Most craps tables are double-sided and feature the same layout on either side with a stickperson in the middle to collect the dice. There are usually no seats, and players stand to achieve a good position and see the results of their throws. Dealers stand on either side of the table, ready to exchange cash for chips and take your bets.

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Budgeting for Optimum Casino Time and More

Whether you’re planning a long stay or a single day of gaming, spending time in casinos is a great getaway. Time passes quickly once you hit the gaming floor to explore all the tables and slots, and you may find there’s not enough hours in the day to do all the things you want. With so many things to see and do, you’ll want to make sure you balance time between gambling and all the other attractions found at The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park. Learn how to make the most of your next visit.

Make a Schedule

You know the old saying: time flies when you’re having fun. There’s no doubt you will have fun when you come to The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park, but if you have a list of activities that you want to tackle, it’s might be a good idea to set a schedule so you have plenty of time to explore the property, restaurants and nearby attractions.

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Basics of Three Card Poker

If you’re ready to try something new at The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park, you won’t want to miss out on three card poker. A relatively new game, three card poker was introduced to casinos as a faster alternative to traditional poker games. This game pits you against the dealer to see who has the better hand, offering several different ways to win. It’s easy to learn and fun to play, but the rules may seem confusing if you’re not yet familiar with the game. To make sure you’re prepared to join a table during your next visit, this overview of the basics of three card poker will have you playing with confidence in no time.

How to Play

When playing three card poker, your goal is to have a better hand than the dealer using standard poker hand order. But like the name of the game implies, you and the dealer will only have three cards to accomplish this feat.

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What Makes The Mill Casino Great for Reunions

From customizable catering options to plenty of on-site activities, families love gathering for their reunions at The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park. Whether your clan gets together once a year or once per decade, we offer everything you could need to make your party memorable. Here’s a look at why The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park is regarded as one of the best family hotels on the Oregon Coast – especially when it comes to reunions.

Family Reunions on Coos Bay

Whether your idea of a family reunion is an afternoon get-together or weeklong vacation, The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park has plenty of on-site spaces to create the ideal setting for your event. With more than 14,000 square feet of space reserved for group events, we offer a variety of rooms that can be decorated as you wish.

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Taking a Daytrip to Bandon

Nestled against the Coquille River in the Southern Coast of Oregon lies the town of Bandon. This cozy area is full of natural beauty, outdoor activities and culture that are perfect for a quick getaway to enjoy some fresh air. Just a half-hour drive south of The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park, see why Bandon is a popular destination for guests looking to make a day trip.

Golf Courses

The Coos Bay area is home to a number of golf courses, and those in Bandon are not to be missed. Featuring two golf destinations shaped by the beautiful terrain near the shore, you’ll be able to take in stunning sights while working on your swing.

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