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Spinreel Dune Buggy and ATV Rental

Spinreel Dune Buggy and ATV Rental

If you crave an experience with the perfect combination of adrenaline and breathtaking views, don’t miss an opportunity to visit Spinreel. Offering the current year model Polaris vehicles from single Quads to four seat RZR’s. Spinreel boasts one of a kind guided tours, offering thrill seekers the ability to follow a knowledgeable guide as they are immersed in the dune riding experience.


  • Two person RZR with a two hour “Follow me” tour
  • A one night stay in a double queen room
  • Package Price: $398
  • Booking contact: Andrew Simpson | 541.252.8416

Other ATV & Dune Buggy Rental Information
When renting a dune buggy or ATV from Spinreel, they focus on safety by having all vehicle operators watch a safety video, go over the riding area map, and go through a vehicle orientation to make sure that all drivers and riders are comfortable with the vehicle operation. Your time does not start until you are all ready to go and the Spinreel staff member releases you to begin your adventure.

Helmets and goggles are provided with every rental and are required to be worn by everyone operating or riding in or on any vehicle.

Vehicles Available

  • 2 SEAT RZR XP1000
  • 4 SEAT RZR-4 XP1000
  • 500cc Quad (ATV)

Visit the Spinreel Dune Buggy and ATV Rental website for a full list of rental options!

Spinreel Dune Buggy and ATV Rental