The Case of the Missing Canoes

October 25, 2018

Shirod Younker’s passion for canoes began early. Growing up near Coos Bay in the ’70s and ’80s, he recalls that … Read More

The Mill Casino for Coos Bay Tradition

After an adventurous day along the scenic Oregon coast, I was pleased to check in at The Mill Casino Hotel … Read More

20 Best Value Towns in the West

This once-faded fishing port on the southern Oregon Coast has seen its fortunes rebound, thanks to public redevelopment efforts and … Read More

A Talk with The Chief of the Coquille Indian Tribe

Rick Dancer of “That Oregon Life” interviewed Chief Don Ivy in August 2018. They discuss the name “Coquille,” the potlatch … Read More

Carving out quite a career

October 23, 2018

Nine years ago, Chef Chris Foltz, was a sous chef at The Mill-Casino Hotel. Along with his normal duties, they

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