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Our corporate plan states: Sustainability serves as a lens through which business decisions are examined. Sustainability is not the responsibility of one department or the task of a few select individuals. It can be viewed as the mandate of our time: “We are all part of the problem and we are its solution.” The Mill Casino•Hotel & RV Park puts that commitment into practice.

Keeping it Green at The Mill Casino·Hotel & RV Park

Recycling: Recycling reduced waste disposal by 47%. Here is what we recycled in 2010:

  • Collected and returned 92,460 water bottles
  • RV Park recycled 18 tons of co-mingled material
  • Casino recycled 32 tons of co-mingled material
  • 12 tons of glass bottles
  • 288,000 lbs of cardboard and newsprint
  • 3250 lbs of scrap metal
  • 280 lbs of light bulbs
  • 63,141 lbs of confidential documents destroyed and recycled

New Technology: As we continually seek out new sustainable ways to operate, we have:

  • Increased electronic material recycling
  • Converted to soy ink recyclable cartridges
  • Upgraded to Energy Star 5.0 rated PCs and silver-rated monitors
  • Employ exchangeable, recyclable batteries for PC backup power
  • Purchase 11.4% of our electricity from renewable sources as a Visionary Partner of Pacific Power Blue Sky program

Kitchen Waste: The Mill’s kitchens also contribute to the green effort.

  • Beginning in 2007, used cooking oils have been converted to biodiesel truck fuel
  • In 2010 The Mill began a vermicomposting project. In the first year, the worm farm converted 1,100 pounds of green kitchen wasted into 35 gallons of compost leachate to fertilize flower beds and landscaping

Efficiency Efforts: By finding efficiencies, The Mill helps to save important resources.

  • Using low-flow showerheads saves over 600,000 gallons of water each year
  • Converting heating, cooling and kitchens to natural gas saves energy at a cost savings of $250,000 a year
  • Scrap materials from all construction projects are recycled for future use