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Courtesies to Observe if You’re Bringing Your Pets

At The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park we value our four-legged guests just as much as we do their owners. That’s why anyone traveling with a canine companion is welcome to stay in one of our pet-friendly hotel rooms. If you’re planning to stay overnight with a pet here or at any hotel, here are some common courtesies to observe to ensure that every hotel guest enjoys their stay to the fullest.

Always Use a Leash

Hotels are unfamiliar locations for most pets, and there are lots of sights, sounds and smells that can confuse and excite your pup. No matter how well-behaved he may be at home, keeping your dog on a leash when walking the hotel’s hallways is a good way to keep him safely by your side and help other guests feel more comfortable. It may also help him feel more secure and minimize barking, which is another great way to be considerate toward your fellow guests.

Bring Your Own Supplies

While The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park does provide a doggy goodie bag with treats, waste bags and food dishes, you’ll also want to bring some of the comforts of home to keep your pet happy during your visit. Be sure to pack food, a blanket and even a few toys – they’re a great way to avoid anxiety or boredom.

Take Frequent Walks

Accidents happen, and that’s okay. At The Mill Casino, we take special care to eliminate any messes, odors and stains for guest comfort. Still, try to take your dog out regularly to use the bathroom where designated, and always pick up after. While outside, let him run around in our fenced-in dog park to stretch, exercise and play. Just try not to leave them alone!

Spend as much time as you can with your pup to make sure the trip is fun for you both.

Keep It Clean

Pets can be messy, but as a courtesy to hotel staff and guests, try to clean up after your pooch as much as you can. And while it may be a scheduling hassle, keep your pet at home if he’s currently sick or has fleas.

Service Animals

We welcome all service animals throughout our facility.  For your reference, a service animal is defined as a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability. Service animals are different from emotional support animals, which do not have the training to assist a person with a disability. Any pets not trained as service animals may not be allowed to accompany the owner to all public places within our facility.

Looking for a Pet-Friendly Hotel Room?

Ready to travel with your dog? Book reservations for a pet-friendly hotel room at The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park today. If you have any questions about our pet policies, feel free to contact us online or at 541-756-8800.